Foam Ear Tips

Foam Ear Tips



All-Day Comfort, Superior Protection, Enhanced Sound Quality

Silynx foam ear tips are some of the most comfortable in the industry. They were designed to meet the high standards of military and law enforcement tactical operators who rely on all-day comfort, who demand the best. Silynx’s Canal Forming Technology (CFT) means that as the foam warms it forms to the ear canal, ensuring a better seal, maximizing noise isolations, creating better retention, and lasting comfort. Silynx’s Mesh Protective Barrier protect your expensive electronics by preventing ear by-products from entering into the stem of your ear buds. Tips should be replaced every 2-4 weeks.

For use with all Silynx In-ear systems and most audio headsets.

Compatibility: Fits all threaded and unthreaded ear buds, with a 3.5mm stem, from major communication brands such as: CavCom, Communication Ear Protection (CEP), Clarity Aloft, Crai Spa, EuroSonit, Gentex, Gibson and Barnes, GSM Walker, Invisio, Motorola, OTTO, Savox, Selex, Sensear, Sensimetrics, Shothunt, Surefire.

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