Yes! Please check out our Custom Moldable Ear Retainers here.

The boom mic is an optional accessory for the CLARUS or the CLARUS XPR (modular) headset. It connects directly into the auxiliary jack located at the top of the headset splitter. Once the boom mic is connected the headset will automatically begin to pick up audio from the boom mic instead of the in-ear mic (once the boom mic is detached the headset will automatically revert to using the in-ear mic). Be sure to speak into the side of the boom mic with the white dot. The other side has a noise cancellation feature. To install the boom mic you can use the clip (see images below), or use the velcro straps included with your purchase.
Not at all. After inserting the ear buds, route the cables around your ears and behind your head. Then secure the nape adjuster to keep the cables snug against the back of your head. Now route the cable down your back and place the control box on your belt. Do this, and the CLARUS PRO virtually disappears (This technique was first used by soldiers, sailors, and marines with the predecessor product of the CLARUS PRO in combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. In a more peaceful environment, our Three Gun Competitors are using this technique as well, successfully.). Take a look at the image below of our Pro staff on a quail hunt in California. In this image you literally can’t even see the cable; he forgot it was even there.
Yes. The AAA battery is only needed if you desire to use your CLARUS, XPR or FX2 system without a radio—perhaps on the range as electronic hearing protection. All three systems function without a AAA battery installed when connected to a tactical radio.
The CLARUS, XPR and FX2 systems are designed to function with or without the AAA battery (since our systems draw miniscule power from the radio, the AAA battery is really only needed if you want to use the system without a radio–perhaps on the range as electronic Hearing protection). If the system is not working then that is an indication that the radio is not configured to provide power to external devices. This can be a programming issue with the radio or you have an adaptor that does not have the correct configuration to provide power to an external device. Consult your radio expert at your department, your radio manufacturer or call us and we can assist.
Until the CLARUS PRO you had two options for electronic hearing protection: earmuffs and in-ear “hearing-aid” sized plugs. We found that both of these designs had many flaws. For instance, when wearing earmuffs over eye-wear, you greatly diminish the protective capability of the muff. For the in-ear hearing-aid sized plugs, that are very expensive, we know of many who have lost them, or broken them due to their delicate construction. The cable on the CLARUS PRO allows us to provide you with a durable, rated, electronic hearing protection system, that isn’t easily lost (the highly durable cable doubles as a retention lanyard) or damaged, and that does not interfere with your eye-wear or head-gear. Literally speaking, the cable provides power to the noise cancelling earbuds, and delivers audio from a mobile device to the headset.
Simply route the cable behind your ears and behind your back, and place the control box on your belt.
Price Point (Basic Config)$$$$$
Mic ConfigurationIn-EarIn-EarIn-EarIn-EarIn-Line
Hear-Thru Technology
Hearing ProtectionNRR 25NRR 25NRR 25NRR 25NRR 25
# of Two-way Radios SupportedUp to 4Up to 21 plus cell phone11
Headset ConnectionQDCQDCQDC / FixedFixedFixed
Radio ConnectionsQDCQDCQDCFixed3.5mm pole
Cell Phone Support
Wireless Push to Talk Support   
Hear-thru allows you to maintain critical situational awareness, and to have face to face conversations without removing your hearing protection in all types of operational environments. Hear-thru is also known as electronically controlled hear-thru and sound localization. Users manually control the hear-thru volume level via assigned buttons on the product. Voice prompts indicate to the user when the system is set at either the lowest or the highest volume level. Silynx systems enhance the user’s natural hearing ability, allowing for awareness of ambient noises that would otherwise go unheard. Regardless of the hear-thru level that a user chooses at any given time, during impulse noise events the hear-thru system responds to the decibel increase, automatically and immediately compressing the noise until the decibels decrease back to safe levels.
From a functional standpoint there is very little difference between the two. Both effectively protect your hearing and provide the pass thru of ambient sound. The primary difference is in compatibility with eyewear, size, weight, and comfort. When using eyewear with earmuffs, you reduce protective quality of the ear muff, and risk hearing damage; in-ear hearing protection was designed to ensure there is no degradation of hearing protection when using eyewear. Bulky earmuffs take up considerably more space than in-ear headsets. Bulky earmuffs are considerably heavier than in-ear headsets. Bulky earmuffs tend to be uncomfortable, while in-ear headsets provide all day comfort.
When considering in-ear or over-the-ear headsets consider the same differences above, plus the added benefit that in-ear headsets (e.g., Silynx CLARUS products) do not require an external microphone that adds bulk, weight, and snag hazard to your headset system.


Yes, with the small size of our earbuds and the in-ear microphone all of our systems are optimal for use when your face is covered with equipment, such as a gas mask. The Silynx earbuds are far superior to most any other solution that is on the market, such as over-the-ear muffs. This application is detailed in a diagram found here.
Yes, they can be found on our website here.


Rather than adding yet more weight, snag hazard, and another piece of the headset that can get in the way, SILYNX eliminated the external microphone that you may know as boom mics, lapel mics, and speaker mics and replaced it with a microphone about the size of a pin. That microphone is integrated into stem of the Silynx HPEDs (Hearing Protection Enhancement Devices). That stem and the microphone sits in the ear canal of the user.
Silynx determined early in its design cycle that bone conduction is sub-optimal in a tactical environment because of its poor voice clarity when the operator is whispering. Silynx felt that solid voice clarity when whispering was an absolute requirement in the design of its products and opted design in technology that did not rely on bone conduction. Silynx calls this TRUE VOICE technology.
When we speak, sound emanates from our mouth and gathers in our ear canals. By sealing the ear, and using Silynx patented TRUE VOICE technology, our HPEDs sense the voice present in the actual ear canal not from vibrations of bone. It converts that sound into electronic voice transmission out the radio. You know how you hear yourself when you plug your ears and talk? Well, that’s what TRUE VOICE technology senses and sends out the radio.


  1. Check your radio’s battery level.
  2. Ensure all cable connections are properly seated.
  3. Replace the battery in the control box, ensuring that it is orientated in accordance with the user guide.
  4. Ensure ear bud speakers are clear of debris. Cleaning instructions can be found here.
  5. Turn the unit off and on again in accordance with the user guide.
  6. If the unit still does not work, call or email customer support: 866-325-1731 or [email protected]
  1. Call us at 866-325-1731 or email us at [email protected].
  2. If we are unable to resolve your issue through troubleshooting, we will assign you an RMA number and provide you with shipping instructions and next steps.
  3. If you purchased through one of our authorized partners and we are unable to resolve the issue through troubleshooting, please contact the company the item was purchased through to begin the RMA process.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase of any product from the Silynx webstore, you can return the product and get a full refund or exchange the product for another one, be it similar or not. You can return a product for up to 30 days from the date you received it. Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging. Please keep the receipt. (Not Applicable for Dealers / Distributors)

1.  Email [email protected] to request a return, with your order # in the subject line.
2.  The customer is responsible for shipping products for return, address will be provided via email along with a return authorization #

3. Upon receipt of the return Silynx will inspect the condition of the product(s), and a refund will be issued within 2 weeks.

Due to the very disparate nature of tactical radios, walkie talkies, mobile phones and devices, relays, trunking, encryption algorithms, and other communications systems and networks, it is fully the responsibility of our dealers and/or requesting organization to verify compatibility between Silynx products and their communications device(s) and/or networks/systems within 30 calendar days from initial receipt as indicated by shipment tracking information. Verification includes, but is not limited to: voice clarity, push-to-talk operations, incoming/outgoing audio volume and intelligibility. Any issues must be conveyed in writing to Silynx within that 30-day period. After this 30-day period, return, refund, exchange or other such requests related to system compatibility will not be considered. Silynx is not responsible for delays related to shipping.

Yes. We have a T&E program available to Law Enforcement Officers and Active-duty Military Personnel who would like to evaluate a system for use by their team or unit. Contact us using this form and indicate your interest in the T&E program in the message section. Please be sure to include as much information as possible about the intended usage of the system in order to best expedite your request.


Silynx Communications, Inc. warrants that this product will be free from defects in design, material, and workmanship during normal use for a period of one (1) year from the date of product purchase. This warranty shall extend only to the buyer on the original receipt and may not be transferred to any other party. This warranty is valid only when and if: (a) Written notice of the product failure is received within the warranty period; (b) The product is properly packed and returned by the buyer; and (c) The product has not been subjected to misuse, neglect, improper use, accident, acts of war, or any unauthorized modification, repair, or alteration, as determined solely by Silynx Communications, Inc.
Some of Silynx’s products are subject to export control as administered by the U.S. Department of Commerce (EAR), and require an export license to be shipped outside of the United States. Export or re-export outside the United States without prior authorization from the U.S. Government is prohibited. For a list of export controlled Silynx products, or for additional information, please contact us at 866.325.1731, or [email protected].
While customers with a billing or shipping address outside of the United States or Canada may not place orders through the Silynx webstore, they may purchase Silynx products from a variety of international dealers and retail locations. If you are an international customer, please contact us at 866.325.1731 or [email protected] for more information.