Silynx For The Industrial Professional


Ultra-ruggedized for the harshest environments. Fit, form and function directly translatable to the demanding environments of industrial operations.

better muffs

Silynx has all the same hearing protection, communication, and situational awareness capabilities of earmuffs in a tiny ear bud. In-the-ear headsets are lightweight, have natural airflow, and no moisture build up. There is no interference with helmets, eye wear, protective masks, respirators, or face-guards. No added boom mic weight, and no snag hazard.


Silynx headsets eliminate disruptive methods of communicating. In-ear microphone enables 2-way communications without removing safety gear — voice is always clear to recipient of audio traffic, even inside respirator. Hands free connectivity to multiple devices, including cell phones.


Ear buds fit comfortably, transparently, under personal protective equipment enabling hands-free 2-way communication. In-ear microphone enables clear communications inside headgear


360 degree hear-thru technology provides full situational awareness. Hear-thru allows you to detect and identify the nature and location of hazards and danger sounds, while also enabling verbal face to face communications.

Silynx In-The-Ear (ITE) headsets have a hearing protection rating of NRR 25. During impulse noise events the hear-thru system responds to the decibel increase, automatically and immediately compressing the noise until the decibels decrease back to safe levels.

Silynx has comfortable options for situations where hearing protection is not a requirement. The XPR single-sided (in-ear) and HSI (over-the-ear) both provide clear communications and are low-profile. See the “product Selections” section below for more information.

Product Selections

clarus xpr

Compatible with a broad range of radios, CLARUS XPR can be configured to support one radio or both a radio and a mobile phone. Available with either a fixed lead in-ear headset or a modular quick disconnect (QDC) headset adaptor, CLARUS XPR is a versatile, cost-effective, and durable headset solution.

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clarus fx2

The CLARUS FX2 is a fixed lead system designed specifically for users that demand high quality hearing protection and reliable, clear comms, while using a single radio. A rugged, low-profile in-ear headset with a small PTT unit, the FX2 is simple to use right out of the box. hear-thru technology and sound localization allow for full situational awareness, keeping users aware of ambient sounds. Powered by the user’s radio, the FX2 pairs a single, permanent radio connection (determined at time of purchase) with combat-proven Silynx hearing protection.

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clarus single sided

Best suited for situations requiring no hearing protection, the CLARUS XPR with single-sided headset has an in-ear microphone with Silynx hear-thru technology and sound localization. Modular single-sided headset (left ear bud only) with quick disconnect (QDC) on radio down lead. Power and hear-thru volume control on bottom of control box. Supports one radio or one radio and a smartphone.

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clarus pro

CLARUS PRO & CLARUS PRO LITE are unique noise cancelling, hearing protection headset systems designed to meet the needs of today’s industrial professional. With Silynx’s proprietary hear-thru technology, this product is ideal for those who need hearing protection for long periods of time. The ultra lightweight (4g) earbuds provide 25NRR hearing protection. The low profile nature of the ear buds, combined with Silynx proprietary hear-thru technology means that it can be worn all day…on the floor, during breaks, and especially during conversations with colleagues and team members.

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clarus pro

The Hazmat Chest PTT Cable offers a unique solution to industrial, fire and rescue workers, and others who are required to wear protective body suits while working. The cable allows user to adapt their modular SILYNX headset system for specific operational needs. The large chest PTT button clips onto the operator’s clothes under the suit, and is large enough to easily press over protective suit material in order to efficiently communicate.

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clarus pro

HSI is a single-sided headset with a vented circumaural ear piece to provide clear incoming audio while allowing situational awareness of your natural surroundings. HSI headset is available with radio connector / push-to-talk (PTT) assembly or in situations where a PTT is already on-hand, HSI is available with a standard NEXUS TJ101 connector for use with all standard U94PTT or other push-to-talk units.

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Rather than adding yet more weight, snag hazard, and another piece of the headset that can get in the way, SILYNX eliminated the external microphone that you may know as boom mics, lapel mics, and speaker mics and replaced it with a microphone about the size of a pin. That microphone is integrated into stem of the Silynx HPEDs (Hearing Protection Enhancement Devices). That stem and the microphone sits in the ear canal of the user.
When we speak, sound emanates from our mouth and gathers in our ear canals. By sealing the ear, and using Silynx TRUE VOICE technology, our HPEDs sense the voice present in the actual ear canal not from vibrations of bone. It converts that sound into electronic voice transmission out the radio. You know how you hear yourself when you plug your ears and talk? Well, that’s what TRUE VOICE technology senses and sends out the radio.
Yes, with the small size of our earbuds and the in-ear microphone all of our systems are optimal for use when your face is covered with equipment, such as a gas mask. The Silynx earbuds are far superior to most any other solution that is on the market, such as over the earmuffs. This application is detailed in a diagram found here.
Hear-thru allows you to maintain critical situational awareness, and to have face to face conversations without removing your hearing protection in all types of operational environments. Hear-thru is also known as electronically controlled hear-thru and sound localization. Users manually control the hear-thru volume level via assigned buttons on the product. Voice prompts indicate to the user when the system is set at either the lowest or the highest volume level. Silynx systems enhance the user’s natural hearing ability, allowing for awareness of ambient noises that would otherwise go unheard. Regardless of the hear-thru level that a user chooses at any given time, during impulse noise events the hear-thru system responds to the decibel increase, automatically and immediately compressing the noise until the decibels decrease back to safe levels.