HSI – Infantry Headset

HSI – Infantry Headset



HSI is a single-sided headset with a vented circumaural ear piece to provide clear incoming audio while allowing situational awareness of your natural surroundings. HSI headset is available with 6-pin audio / push-to-talk (PTT) assembly or in situations where a PTT is already on-hand, HSI is available with a standard NEXUS TJ101 connector for use with all standard U94PTT or other push-to-talk units. Headset is available with electret microphone for use with military radios and a dynamic boom microphone for use with law enforcement radios.


The HSI is ideal for military or tactical operators who need reliable communications in a minimalist format. Includes adjustable headband for wear with or without helmet, on either side of your head. Available only in Black.


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

MBITR/PRC 152/117 6-Pin Connector, NEXUS/TP120, Silynx QDC